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Why We Must Be Accountable

I’ve come to notice our world is shifting in how it uses language and what it defines as truth. Present day mentality concerning our identity as individuals (formerly mankind, which emphasizes plurality) is we should all be accepted for who we are, our beliefs should be tolerated and the world needs to change to suit… Continue reading Why We Must Be Accountable

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Advice to Married People From an Unmarried Girl: Back Burner Marriages

Hey, I’m Sarah and I’m a 25-year-old unmarried girl. Even though I don’t have marriage experience, I have some ideas I think would really help married people who are going through a dry season, or who are really stressed out with work and kids. Marriage is the hardest but can be the most rewarding human… Continue reading Advice to Married People From an Unmarried Girl: Back Burner Marriages

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Goderich Reflections, One Year Later

Last year around this time I went with my sister, her boyfriend and his family for a mini-getaway to Goderich. We stayed at Cedar Lodge and spent the day sight seeing and shopping along the main road. The trees were in full blown sunset shades and I was cozy in my warm knit sweater. It… Continue reading Goderich Reflections, One Year Later

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Objection: Love Doesn’t Hurt

People say love hurts and love is pain but that’s a terrible lie. Love does not involve hurt or pain because love is untouchable. Our culture has always “loved” to equate love with affection, emotion, feelings and thoughts, when love is more than that. Love is the unshakable, unmovable, unstoppable force that drives people to… Continue reading Objection: Love Doesn’t Hurt

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“Get Off Your Phone!”

The other day I was hanging out with my boyfriend watching Stargate… actually, he was watching Stargate… I was scrolling through my phone. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but he took my phone out of my hands and overhanded it across the room! Then, holding both my hands together in his, he looked me in… Continue reading “Get Off Your Phone!”

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A Grammar Lesson in Heroism

I was browsing one of my social media networks when I came across this image: If that doesn’t shock you, well. Culturally, we have drifted into a pattern of redefining terms based on our confusion of their true meanings, over-exaggeration of situations and events and embellishing things to make them seem greater than they are. We’ve created shortened invented terms like… Continue reading A Grammar Lesson in Heroism

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Attitude Check… For The Ladies

Women are incredible, inspiring, beautiful, nurturing, considerate, compassionate creatures. We love deeply and have the capacity to forgive after endless wrongs, whether they’re from our friends, boyfriends, husbands, siblings, parents or children. Women have emotions that run deep to the core of our being and they motivate us to make decisions and chase our goals. Our… Continue reading Attitude Check… For The Ladies