Through your entire life there will always be people who disappoint and mistreat you. They will speak evil against you, gossip about you, spread lies and purposefully do things to hurt you. There are cases where people will let you down unintentionally, and their obliviousness to their wrongdoing is easier to forgive. But there are others who will wrong you just for spite. Those are much harder to forgive.

But the truth is, most of them won’t care. A minute later they’ll be off doing their own thing and going on with their lives. So if you can’t forgive them, the only person you’re hurting is yourself. Holding that grudge is more foolish if you refuse to accept a sincere apology. They’re going to move on. No ones going to grovel for your forgiveness year after year as you hold onto your grudge. And with your lack of forgiveness, you might miss an opportunity to continue a friendship or relationship that could have such potential.

Forgiveness isn’t all about the person who offended you, it’s about you too. If you can’t let a grudge go, it’ll only make you become more bitter and critical of every other person in your life. You’ll develop trust issues, paranoias and be constantly on edge. By forgiving, you make yourself free to move on with your life – letting go of your past and pursuing a better future. It doesn’t mean you have to keep that person in your life. It doesn’t mean you have to pretend like nothing happened. Asserting the person, explaining how what they did affected you, and with their apology, forgive and move on. Without their apology, perhaps will come the realisation that they’re just a part of your life to leave behind. Forgive still, and move on with them as a lesson from your past to help you grow. One of the best things you can carry with you is the ability to forgive.


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