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Yep, it’s a Twilight Review

Okay so here’s my big Twilight commentary.

Everyone knows that the franchise has gotten a plethora of reviews from both sides: the fans and the critics. But Twilight is almost like any other adaptation, only the main difference is all the talk going around about it.

There are a lot of factors as to why this saga gets so much criticism, one being directing. A director who doesn’t understand the true feel of each of the books won’t be able to help actors portray their characters the right way. I’ve read all the books and I know that adapting them is no easy job with all the pages of descriptions of love and feelings. How can anyone make that something that can be presented without making it completely awkward and creepy? Edward and Bella’s relationship – although very unhealthy in the way that Bella abandons everything about her human life to join Edward and his vampire family – is an attempt at showing unconditional love, love without bounds, and complete tolerance for each other… sounds ideal right? Wrong. There is too much sacrifice and obsession between them for those things to result in a healthy relationship, and that’s a source problem with Stephenie Meyer’s book, not with the movie saga.

The only relationships that critics complain about are Edward and Bella, and more recently, Jacob and Renesmee. In Breaking Dawn Part 1, we see Jacob imprinting on baby Renesmee. This scene got a lot of criticism. In Meyer’s book, imprinting is described as the moment one makes a spiritual connection with their soul mate. It is not a sexual thing. It is purely a spiritual connection. In the movie, I think it was portrayed well. Jacob’s whole mentality changed in a second when he made that link with Renesmee’s soul. His life purpose changed from selfish wants, to making sure that no matter what happened, he would protect her. He would die for her. Unfortunately despite the efforts made to portray that as innocently as possible, most people found that scene creepy and paedophililc and I’ve read from the critics that it gets worse in Part II (which I will see for myself tomorrow and come back with a response).

All that said, there were a lot of great things done with the saga. The score and soundtracks were incredible, the actions scenes kept getting better and better (I can’t wait to see the final battle scene between the Cullens and the Volturi), the casting, sticking to the events in the books, and the wonderfully eerie fantasy world where monsters exist is made real and believable.

Not going to lie, I’m a fan. A pretty big one. I’m not blind to its flaws, but it’s done an incredible job at staying in the public conversation and keeping millions entertained!

I will return with further commentary on the final episode to the Twilight Saga!

– SD


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