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Breaking Dawn Part II (Possible spoiler alert?)

Like I promised, I watched the final chapter today and all those things critics were saying were absolute garbage. Let me list it off:

1. Jacob’s expression of his imprinted affection towards Renesmee didn’t include an ounce of sexuality or paedophilia AND that is addressed openly when he explains the situation to Bella in the first 15 minutes of the film. It is strictly a love of a brother and a protector. It is only implied that they will some day have a more mature friendship in the future.

2. Bella is completely liberated from her prior awkwardness. This proves that Kristen Stewart CAN perform as an actress. End of.

3. Edward and Bella’s lovemaking scene is beautifully directed with very minor nudity. The fading in and out, the blending in of shot sequences, everything about it seemed perfectly natural for two supernatural creatures. It did NOT look painful or awkward, in fact it was better than all the previous kisses they shared on screen now that Edward doesn’t have to hold back 😉 (no more wincing facial expressions, HOORAY!).

4. The fight scene was THE BEST out of all of the films. MORE than what I hoped for and imagined while reading the book. I was on the edge of my seat and didn’t know what to do with myself. I was tugging on my poor boyfriend’s sleeve — that’s how intense it was. So. Much. Grimey. Decapitation.

5. AMAZING CASTING, OH MY WORD… new Vamps come into play, if you’re a film nerd like me, you’ll recognize a few!

Now that I’ve cleared that mess up, GO AND SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. Everyone has their own opinions but see it for yourself and you can be the judge. Don’t take a critic’s word for it — most of them are looking for flaws and with that mind-set, going into any movie, it’s extremely difficult to embrace the effects of it. You’re entering close-minded, and what good is that?

It was definitely the best out of the saga. Go see it. I’m going to see it again probably and definitely purchase it on blu-ray. If the previous three haven’t won you over, this one probably will ;).

🙂 Great job team!

– SD


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