Film Reviews

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


I absolutely love when great historical figures are worked through the magic of fiction into a supernatural world! In a film class from my undergrad, I saw Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) and fell in love with him. Although the film was partially fictionalized, Abraham Lincoln in reality lead America through the Civil War, ended slavery and helped bring economic and financial modernity to the country. On top of that, he was an honourable man seeking justice and righteousness while working as a county lawyer in his youth.

Seeing him maintain his good nature and also kicking the dead butts of bloodsuckers, just made me like him even more. Highly entertaining if you’re a history lover but can allow creativity and fiction to rework it. Another thing I really enjoyed was the cinematography. It’s all kind of foggy and mist-like which gives it a dark, eerie feel.

– SD


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