Film Reviews

X-Men First Class: Superb Casting

X-Men: First Class (2011)was absolutely incredible. There were so many parts that had me enthralled, I was literally squirming in my seat from being so excited. The idea of mutants with super powers alone had me intrigued from childhood with the cartoon series, but I have to say, this film was the best X-men rendition that has ever been done before. The casting was superb… McAvoy (Xavier) is such a powerful actor in the way his willing suspension of disbelief completely captures you, making the scene feel real and possible. Fassbender’s interpretation of Erik/Magneto was phenomenal. Also, the use of language in this film was incredible. There was Russian, German, English, French, and a bit of Spanish. Some characters spoke in several languages throughout the film, Fassbender being one of the most dominant in nearly all of them. Amazing. The CGI was incredible, and the character development was beautiful especially Erik’s. Pay attention to everything, but allow yourself to get lost in it. What an X-perience… haha… get it?

– SD


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