Film Reviews

The Fountain: An Other-Worldy Experience

The Fountain (2006) is one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. Directed by Darren Aronofksy, the story takes place in two different worlds: reality, and a created world in Isabel’s story. In her story, there are two other worlds: a medieval era where a conquistador goes on a search for the Tree of Life, and a spiritual world between death and rebirth.

Before I give too much away, I’ll leave the rest of the story up to you to witness for yourself. The CGI is incredible. Beautiful lights and shadows, and the use of colours to set the tone for each world. The score, composed by Clint Mansell is incredibly well suited. It is artistic and somewhat abstract in the way that The Tree of Life (2011) is.

The beauty really is found in the narration. The whole idea of being content with the end of your own life because you believe that death is only “the road to awe”… leading you into another life. The story is tragic and sad though, as one would expect: leaving loved ones behind who will inevitably mourn for you, unless they reach a time where they too believe that death is not the end.

Definitely one I could watch over and over again.

– SD


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