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Nearly Famous: Pass the Soap?

So I got curious and decided to give Nearly Famous (2007) a shot. Mind you, I detest Teen Soaps/Dramas and anything remotely related because they show a completely stereo-typical and biased perspective of teen behaviour. However, I’ve been doing this thing where I pick an actor and watch most of the films/shows they performed in. This time it was Aaron Johnson.

I’ve seen most of his primary and secondary roles in films and it’s been quite interesting. I really enjoy watching him because he has all these little quirks and interesting facial expressions. He also walks funny. I like seeing actors’… personalities (for lack of a better term) come out when they play average roles. He separates himself from that particularly in Kick-A** (2010), and Nowhere Boy (2009), where he takes roles with more defined characteristics. Anyway, back to my observations.

Nearly Famous (2007) starts off kind of ugly and dull… the effects do some trippy, wonky things, like blur images and overlap them, or turn the camera sideways so you’ve got to turn your head as well just to see properly. The characters are quite typical: you’ve got the angsty rocker in need of anger management (Owen); the shy, hopeless romantic (Lila); the nerd (Joe); the one facing an identity crisis (Kate); and to top it off — this being amusing since Canada doesn’t have these — a chav (Cal).

I’ve read from a previous review that it was basically a rip off of another TV series, Skins (2007) — also a British production. I haven’t been interested enough to watch it so I can’t confirm that statement, but for those who have, therreeee you go! I’m on the 4th episode of the 6 that it’s made of, and I’ve found some of it mildly entertaining despite all the other things that make me cringe and wonder why I’m still watching it… although I must add that it does get better as the stories progress. Some characters kind of grew on me and I like that it’s concise over the few episodes rather than drag things out or make things up as you go along like most American soaps with their 100some episodes. By dragging them out, each episode is half a repeat of the previous one, and then nothing happens all over again. EXACTLY WHY I HATE SOAPS *SIGH*

Apart from the personality quirks that Aaron Johnson brings to Owen’s character, he’s really only fun to look at. It is my opinion that these kinds of shows are really just twisted, exaggerated, and sometimes unrealistic representations of teen life. I know some people greatly enjoy it and get excited as the events in the lives of these made up hot people unfold, but they’re not really my thing! Therefore I’m admitting this is completely coming from a biased source.

It’s not all bad though, it has it’s moments, like the quieter parts where people bond or are forced to look into themselves. I give it full credit for that. So, for all you Teen Drama lovers out there, here’s another short series to watch. And if you’re not really a fan but get curious like me, you’re in luck, because there are only 6 episodes of drama, drama, and did I mention drama?

– SD


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