Film Reviews

Remember Me: Memories

I didn’t expect the ending one bit. It was so well directed that there was no suspicion of that catastrophic event to complete the film. Leading to this climactic event, there was this constant series of piano notes playing through each scene and it had me in an anxious state. (This was a great example of how background music can create a mood and affect the emotions of viewers.) I didn’t understand how the scenes during that music needed to have this tension in them… it seemed somewhat out of place because the way the story unfolded, a happy ending was expected.

But the moment I read “September 11th, 2001” on the chalkboard in the classroom scene, I knew what was about to happen… sappy old me, tears streaming down my face, as the image of Tyler in his dad’s office faded out into a full shot of the twin towers.

I remember exactly what happened on that date. I was in a portable at my middle school. I was eleven. My teacher had my class and a few others, all together seated on the floor as she turned on the radio. She was crying, and I was afraid. We heard the report of the terrorist attack in New York City. For some reason I thought they’d make their way into Canada and come get us too. No one understood how or why this happened at the time, and not understanding made it so much more tragic.

Remember Me (2010) is definitely one you should see. Thumbs way up.


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