Film Reviews

Man of Steel: A True Hero


Man of Steel was amazing. Zack Snyder did an incredible job at portraying this well-known hero using modern cinematography without losing the foundation of what makes him the hero he is.

There was a lot of criticism against this film, as with all comic book adaptations, but despite the challenges of bringing Superman back to the big screen I think Snyder and Christopher Nolan did a great job. That being said, I didn’t think Amy Adams was right for Lois Lane. She’s got the look and she definitely rocked the reporter role, but Lois is a much richer character with great purpose in Superman’s life. Adams didn’t stand up to the previous Lois Lane (Erica Durance) from Smallville. After seeing Durance’s portrayal, Adams was a bit of a disappointment. She’s a great actress but not the best choice for Lane. In addition to that, the chemistry between her and our Kryptonian hero was very weak.

Taking a step back… In this film audiences grow with Clark Kent (through flashbacks of his life in Smallville) as he develops his powers and faces many challenges on his way to understanding his true identity: Kal-El. There is harmony between the story of Clark in Smallville and the history of Krypton.

Clark’s complicated relationships with people, his loneliness, his curiosity about his birth parents and other world — everything was overwhelming for him. But he did not resent humanity for rejecting him and he did not hate his parents for sending him to Earth. He did not show hatred and anger to the universe… he accepted the truth and remained solid and good. This is what makes him a wonderful example of what it means to be a real hero!

Can you imagine someone so good they’re almost incapable of evil? Can you imagine someone so determined to serve and protect others, and make sacrifices for the greater good of mankind? These values are embodied in our Superman. In fact, it reminds me of Someone even greater and mightier. Great film, great narrative, BEAUTIFUL CGI and soundtrack, and excellent casting.



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