Trinidad: My Sweet Home. January 2014

Las Cuevas Beach, Trinidad

It’s been a gorgeous week so far in my home islands Trinidad & Tobago. Since January 2nd, my family and I have visited relatives and friends, had amazing reunions with delicious food, went swimming and best of all, had a beach day in Las Cuevas. The air is moist and cool with the ocean breeze drifting inward. Warm rain showers that fall daily bring life to all the lush plants and flowers around the country. This is truly a place like no other. Full of paradisiacal views, calming weather and cheerful island residents, Trinidad is the perfect place to return to to begin this new year in my life. I am so blessed to be able to spend 17 days in my birth country and I thank God for working everything out so my whole family could be here.

I bought a Canon Rebel t3i DSLR camera to capture moments from this vacation and temporary return home, so if you want to see why I am so in love with this place, check out my gallery HERE.

I’m full of so much joy right now!

Cheers everyone,

Sarah xoxo


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