A Desire for an Unwanted Season

Sitting in the living room of my aunt’s beautiful house in Trinidad and perusing the photographs and music recommendations of a much favoured musician of mine, a thought occurred to me when I came across a particular image. There was a man walking towards the camera… head down with a slight smile across his face, his expression disguised behind thick-framed glasses. Snowflakes littered his slick hair and shoulders as he glided through the wintry air. The monochromatic photograph — a moment frozen in time — made me miss winter. In that moment the season, so often taken for granted by Northerners, became something tranquil and beautiful. Perhaps it’s my current location (a warm, breezy island in the Caribbean that I dearly love) that has me longing for the dusting of snowflakes and chilly, ice clean air… but I can see winter as a cold wonderland rather than a frustrating, unwanted season. When I came across the photograph a sense of love overwhelmed me and I am ready to return from my warm, blissful vacation to my frosty, white home. To a country blessed with four seasons (possibly to offer residents spontaneity and appreciation for each of them): Canada, in two & a half days I will gladly greet you.


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