Film Reviews

Double Feature First Impressions: Lucy and Hercules

My first impression: disappointed.

Lucy had a great concept but a poor delivery. Kudos to the amazing CGI but the plot was thin, bland and simplistic. I didn’t need to use my imagination or any thought to figure out what was happening. It was all handed to me but it wasn’t sold right. I didn’t buy into the story at all so it didn’t impact me.

Hercules was a joke. Literally. The trailer made it seem like it was going to be some epic retelling of his story but instead it was a tornado of awkward, forced jokes. I couldn’t even follow the plot because the writing was from a whole other time period. It was like a half modernized version of the story… it was just plain weird. It would be a really serious scene and then one character would throw in a one-liner and the whole audience (except me) would laugh. I looked around, “Am I in the right theatre? I thought this was Hercules, not a sit-com.”

So if you saw the trailers and had something better in mind, you won’t get it. You’re not going to get what you were advertised.

Second Impression: not bad!

I went to see Hercules again and I had a much better experience! It’s amazing how the audience’s reaction alone can change a whole cinematic experience. This crowd was older, more mature and I was in a bigger theatre. The previous one had jocks and teenagers, much smaller space. A small few laughed at the comedic lines of the film, but their quietness allowed the film to affect me in the way the director must’ve intended. I get it now! I actually enjoyed it this time around.


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