A Lesson on Self Control

I often regret that I have spoken; never that I have been silent.
– Publilius Syrus

They say you should live with no regrets but I think that’s inconsiderate.

Regret is necessary to helping us face our mistakes, accept our actions hurt our image and others, apologize and make a fully conscious effort to never repeat the same mistake again.

It’s easy to let your emotions get the best of you. A lack of self control can make you act in ways that really hurt people. Insecurity and negative thinking are difficult to control but if you don’t stop yourself, think about what you’re about to say and get a handle on it, you could make things worse.

If there’s one piece of advice I could give you today, it’s to practice self control. You can do this by:

– Refusing yourself of things you crave, especially if it displeases or hurts someone
– Choosing not to act based on impulse but to think it over first or sleep on it
– Considering how your actions could affect the recipient and whether they would be able to handle it
– Seeing the big picture: Stepping outside of yourself and analyzing the situation to get a full perspective of what the problem is and what the best way to act (or not act) would be.

There are many other ways to practice self control but it is a very important thing we should strive for, for the sake of ourselves (prevent regret and be confident when we do make decisions and actions), and for the sake of the people in our lives (protect them from harm, consider them as more important than ourselves, understand their perspective before pressuring them to deal with things your way.)

We should make a conscious effort not to strike out based on emotional impulses. Thinking before acting. You can’t control how you feel but you can control what you do about it. Lesson duly learned.

Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.

Proverbs 16:32


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