Tangibility is Dust; Intangibility is Life

Sometimes I wonder if humanity has strayed away from its natural self. It seems as if the crucial intangible elements that were the original essence of humanity have been pushed aside to make room for the focus and importance we place on a material kind of value. As a whole, the importance of things like honesty, love, respect, faith, honor, and selflessness seems to be overshadowed by the desire to be our own number ones.

We would never survive if the value of the intangible diminished completely. It is only the intangible that will last, everything else is dust. When we find ourselves getting frustrated and so involved in the items we own and the objects we use, we should pause to remember that in the end, these things mean nothing. They break, they wear out, they expire, they get replaced.

I was having this conversation with my friend the other day, and we had an epiphany. What if our focus changed to creating something tangible only so that we could use it to share an intangible feeling, idea, or meaning? Our first thought was, of course, Music.

Music is an intangible series or pattern of sounds that are manipulated to evoke certain emotions and inspire certain kinds of thoughts in a listener. That seems to be its most common use currently, but it has been known to be used for many other reasons: battle calls, warnings to nearby villages, and other forms of communication. Music is unique to each listener because the effect it has on one person, might be the opposite on another. Probably the greatest part about music, is that anyone can create it even in its most base form. Either way, sometime back in history someone had a feeling and decided to hum. Someone came up with the idea to tie animal skin over a hollowed log and beat it with sticks in different rhythms. Someone discovered that different levels of water in a glass could create a musical scale to make songs. Someone crafted a stringed instrument in a similar manner to work the way our guitars do today. I don’t know which came first, in what order, by whom, or from where, but I do know this intangible feeling people have inside of them drives them to want to share it. Humanity has created all sorts of instruments to share those feelings.

No matter how much scientific understanding or knowledge, fame, monetary wealth, or success you can obtain, it will never touch the happiness or replace the peace of heart and mind that you can receive from something intangible. These intangible things are indispensable to our truest sense of humanity.



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