What You Make of It

This morning I was thinking back on a job opportunity I was offered a few months ago but had to pass up because it clashed with my current job. I was thinking about how it was a lost chance to gain experience in an area I am passionate about and how disappointed I am. But then a thought hit me like a tennis racket to the face! If one single thing went differently over the summer or the past year, the present might not be the way it is. Call it Fate or Divine Intervention but when you look back and think about situations that happened and consider them in regards to your current position in life, it’s clear that our present decisions, even the seemingly insignificant ones, directly impact our future. Sometimes even the bad things that happen end up turning into blessings. God can turn something tragic into an opportunity for something incredible!


Each decision we make today, every place we choose to go or don’t go, every person we meet, all have an impact on us in some way or another and they can teach us lessons, open our minds and give us opportunities to grow and gain wisdom. You can meet someone or lose someone solely for the purpose of coming to the realization of the kind of people you should not have in your life. Sometimes you will meet amazing people who will help you see the ones who were a detriment to your life and help you set your standards higher. Not everything happens for a reason, sometimes bad things happen. But in the end, it’s what we take away from it or what we make of it that builds our character and helps us discover new things about ourselves and about other people. 

Sometimes all it takes is one simple change, just one simple thing done differently or added or removed can have a profound impact on our future.
Sometimes that “one simple thing” is blatantly staring you in the face but other times it is quite elusive.
Sometimes the ensuing effect is the one desired other times not so much.
If only we can know which “thing” to chose or do for the desired results we seek.
This one comes through much prayer and fasting, not leaving out the analytics
– L. D. S.

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