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Gratitober: A Month-Long Blog Series Dedicated to Thankfulness, Entry 1

In the midst of a lot of horrible things happening around the world, I’ve decided that for this month of October 2017 I will write one blog a day on something I am grateful for. The intention of this series is two-fold: first, to encourage me to write creatively again after the jokingly stern, yet necessary nudge of my sister-in-law-to-be; secondly, to maintain, nurture and develop the habit of finding the good in every circumstance. If you’d like to join me, comment something you’re grateful for in the comment section of each of my daily posts! They will be shared on my Instagram account and my Facebook page. Here’s to a month of gratitude! Hello Gratitober!




For my first day of posting, I’m going to give you two blog posts of things I’m grateful for. (I realize I did not post yesterday, my bad!). But without further ado, here is gratitude entry the first.

1. I am grateful to exist in the exact location and time that I do.

I was born at the San Fernando General Hospital in February 1990 in Trinidad and Tobago. Several years later my family moved to Ontario, Canada, around where I’ve lived for most of my life. An impossible number of incredible details had to occur for me to even be conceived. If you’ve ever thought about the insanely minuscule probability of each human to exist… one healthy egg and about 100 million sperm… *mind blown.* And then go back to the probability of your parents meeting exactly how and when they did… all the variables that led them to each other to love each other and create you. And then go back to their own impossibly amazing conceptions and all the events that had to occur so that their own parents would meet and create them. Keep going back and the image gets more and more outstanding. I am tremendously grateful for the series of events from the creation of the world until now that led to my existence. Why? Because I have already experienced a whole scale of wonderful and terrible human experiences, and each of those instances has shaped, and molded me into the person I am today. And because of that past I get to wake up each morning with the hope that I have a new day for new experiences to continue to mold me into the person I strive to become. Life is so precious and beautiful and the fact that each of us is alive right now is evidence that miracles do exist.


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