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Gratitober: Entry 2

2. I am grateful for sunny days.

I love the sun. Aside from its perfect placement so earth’s atmosphere can be lived in (i.e. it doesn’t burst into flames or turn into an ice ball), the sun gives us bright skies and beautiful views. Being a kid in the Caribbean was a huge blessing: playtime at the beach, lying in the sun for hours, seeing the flowers in full bloom, and getting warm, fuzzy feelings when it would shine on my skin. These are little things that still bring me happiness today. I remember how weird I was as a kid… I’d tell people I felt like Superman in earth’s atmosphere when the sun would come out (…don’t judge me) because as soon as the solar energy hit me I would feel recharged! There’s something about the sun that puts most people in a better mood. Maybe it’s the vitamin D or maybe it’s all psychological, but sunshine always has a way of bringing out the best moods. Whether I’m walking around downtown on a sunny day, or lying on the grass watching the sun go down, I always get a feeling of thankfulness for that giant fireball in the sky.


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