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Gratitober: Entry 4

4. I am grateful for second chances (and third, and fourth…).

There were a lot of things I took for granted as I was growing up. I didn’t really take high school seriously… I wasn’t a bad student but I just didn’t push myself to do my best all the time. When I applied for university, I picked two of my favourites subjects and applied for their degree programs, but never really considered if they would actually lead me to a successful career path. I didn’t even consider if those careers were where I really wanted to be. Additionally, I always loved languages, but I let stupid things hold me back from going on exchange trips, and studying second languages more in my spare time.

When I graduated and it came time to look for jobs, I had a really hard time, so after a year I decided to go back to get a post graduate diploma in Journalism, because my BA English degree didn’t cut it with employers. Oh, and I didn’t really do any volunteer work or extra curricular writing while I was in university to help my chances–never thought I would need to.

After graduating from Journalism New Media, I was probably my most ambitious self. I hustled to get more experience. I worked crazy retail hours to save money, sacrificed financial stability for full time internships, and would even stay out late on weeknights in Toronto to network at events. I spent most of my money on transportation to get around and I lived off of very little sleep. It was a hectic but rewarding year but, unfortunately, none of my references or connections gave me a foot in the door to secure a career. So I did what any miserable and disappointed graduate would do and settled for something secure and comfortable. I worked as a receptionist for two years, before moving into a writing job. While it provides well for my current living situation, there isn’t much room for growth, so once again I feel stuck and hindered from getting where I want to be in my career. Almost a decade of pursuing this field and I’m still not there.

Okay, so far, this entry seems quite depressing… But what I’m getting at is that it’s ok things didn’t work out. Yeah. Because although my plans didn’t work the way I expected, I can still get a new plan. I am still able to turn my life around from here, following one road or another. Whether that means applying for more jobs and hoping for something with more growth opportunities, or switching my career completely and going back to uni/college, again. Whatever I decide to do, I have another chance. A chance to be a better student, do more research to find out if the program will get me to the career that I want to pursue, and have a different perspective about the whole shebang. So do you.

After my undergrad I kept telling myself that I was too old to do this, or that it was too late to do that. Now I’m a few years shy of 30 and the truth is, it’s never too late! That kind of thinking got me nowhere, so it’s time to change it. I’m grateful for second chances because even when it feels like life is nothing like we wanted it to be, it can still be a good life. It can get better, we can do better, and God can provide a completely different direction that fills our lives with more amazing things than our original plans ever could. What second chances changed your life?


2 thoughts on “Gratitober: Entry 4

  1. An excellent reminder about the beauty of living Sarah. Reminded me of statement attributed to Soren Kierkegaard, life is best understood looking backward but best lived looking forward. Our past experiences can only make us better

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