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Gratitober: Entry 5

5. I am grateful for night drives.

One of my favourite things to do since I was 17 go for drives with my friends in the summer and fall and blast music from the speakers with the windows down. We would play through all our favourite music from a variety of metal subgenres, and cruise around the city or drive into the middle of nowhere, singing (or screaming at the top of our lungs) along. Since the business of adulting has made this a much less frequent pastime, sometimes I’ll just go for a drive myself, wandering wherever the road takes me and getting lost in the sounds. I love it. It gets me out of my head, and I can vent my emotions without feeling weak and vulnerable. I wrote a blog about music a couple years ago, and it generally talks about how music is a beautifully intangible thing that reaches the core of the human heart. Unlike wealth and material possessions, music is this thing that connects to the soul, although it may be made with physical materials. While metal is my all time favourite kind of music, sometimes there are other songs that just hit me. Whether it’s been a good or bad day, some songs tug at my heart strings and bring back strange, sad, lost feelings. One of those songs is DeVotchKa’s “How it Ends.” I first heard it from the Little Miss Sunshine trailer, and was completely moved. So, in a personal context paper for my Intro to Professional Writing class in 2009, I dove into the themes I could find, and wrote what I believed the song was about. Every time I go for a night drive and listen to music, that’s kinda what happens in my head with each song. Other times, it’s just a really great tune to jam to!

What’s your favourite song to listen to on a night drive? Share it below, and I’ll give it a listen. (And if you want to get a list of my favourite bands, let me know!) Here’s the DeVotchKa song I mentioned earlier. Grab tissues.


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