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Gratitober: Entry 7

7. I’m grateful for long weekends.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, finally, and Gratitober has made it through its first week! Hooraayyy, someone bring me Oreo cupcakes! Focusing on something I’m grateful for every day has helped me be more conscious of my thoughts, and shaped my perspective in a positive way. It’s also been helping me push through some tough emotional battles. Thank God. I’m so excited to write and share with you all the other things I’ve been thinking about for Gratitober.

Weekends are supposed to be for rest, but here I am writing at 7:00 am going on six and a half hours of sleep… “Why ever,” you say? Ask my body! I’m excited about the fellowship this weekend, reflections on life, my cousin’s wedding today (weeoooo!!!), and recharging by staying in bed past 5:30 am! I love long weekends. Some of my favourite things I’ve done in the past were camping trips, family time, road trips to my friends’ cottages, going for long drives in the boonies, and visiting friends. Going away is nice, but it’s also nice to stay put and spend time with people we love. This Thanksgiving is going to be unlike any I’ve had in a long time… aaaand as we speak my left index finger is not cooperating cause she works harder than anyone else on this keyboard, clearly!! I know, it’s a sign… I need coffee.

I think I’m going to make an “appearance” this weekend, to introduce this blog series and encourage someone else to pick up this fun thankfulness project thingy and start keeping their own gratitude journal! So stay tuned for that sometime this weekend :). When it’s up I’ll link it below so check back heeeyyyaaaaaahh… I’mmm TIRED. lol. *puts music on… gets adrenaline rush… survives* xD

Hooooooooope you all have a wonderful weekend! Whether you’ll be competing with your dad on who can eat the most turkey and mashed potatoes, having this one awesome day out of months of bad ones, or styling your hair just right so that you feel like a million bucks, have a great one. What things are you grateful for this year?


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