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Gratitober: Entry 8

8. I’m grateful for crazy sing/dance-offs.

There’s a time to be mature and a time to be a little silly and this weekend was time for the latter! Saturday morning I woke up early for some reason and went downstairs to eat breakfast and started playing music. Before long, I got my siblings involved in a sing/dance-off and we did that for a few hours haha. Then after getting ready for my cousin’s wedding, we headed over to the Royal Botanical Gardens and of course, as soon as the music started to play after dinner I was the first out there, bringing my family friends out to join me and the floor began to fill up. I love dances! And weddings. (It’s always such a beautiful time seeing couples share their vows and beam with excitement over this new adventure, especially people you really care about.) And there’s been lots of food this weekend, which was amazing. Great job to my mama bear for cooking Thanksgiving dinner like a pro, as always! ❤ Then, after a short food coma nap, I played cards with my brother and some friends, and then we put music on and starting singing really obnoxiously. It’s been a really nice, social weekend. Lots of music and singing and dancing. Just what I needed. 🙂


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