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Gratitober: Entry 9

9. I’m grateful for quiet time with God.

The past few weeks have had their moments of social interaction and celebration. Sometimes I find myself constantly filling the quiet spaces with people and events, and only later on do I consider my motives for doing so. Although interacting with people and being surrounded by those I love is my favourite scenario, many times I’ve used social interaction as an escape from my own thoughts and loneliness. According to experts, people with depression often feel their lowest in the morning, but whether we deal with depression or general highs and lows in moods, it seems we feel down when the hype of the day has come to an end and we have to face ourselves again. We remember our struggles, our doubts and fears of the future, our past mistakes and disappointments, and all the little things in life that we wish were different. The greatest thing that has helped me in these moments is quiet time with God. When I’m alone, God is there. It’s like He’s waiting for me to take a seat and tune out the noise so I can be alone with Him. This is the time to share my day with Him and open up about all the things that are going on in my life (although He already knows.) In this time I also read through the Bible, whether it’s a few encouraging verses, or a chapter that relates to a present challenge. I’ll write my prayers down, and think about people who need God’s intervention in their lives for healing, comfort, love, and opportunity. Maybe I’ll play worship songs and soak in the words. And after all of that, I’ll listen. What does God want me to know? What wisdom does He have for my situation? Where can I find comfort for my deep emotional wounds? He’s there. He’s always there, waiting for me to take a break and pay attention. And I love these moments because when I take my focus off everything that isn’t going like I’d planned, I can refocus on Him, His plan, and His ability to meet all of my needs and fill the spaces in my life that seem empty and unfulfilled. Then I have peace that surpasses all understanding. Peace that doesn’t even make sense to me. Peace that makes it easier to get out of bed and face the day with new hope. I am so grateful for this.



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