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Gratitober: Entry 10

10. I’m grateful for night walks & deep talks.

Have I ever said how much I love my friends? I think I’ve implied it a few times but, man, I really love my friends.

Yesterday I went for a walk in the morning. I woke up feeling pretty crummy and went out to clear my head. I walked past the residential areas, the empty roads, closed shops, train station, apartments with beautiful little balconies, and a few people taking their dogs for a walk. It was quiet and sunny and I was playing through the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack and some other autumn-feely tunes. It was the perfect temperature and the leaves were just starting to change and it was great to let my thoughts flow wherever they had to and just keep moving forward. I went out again at night for a walk and had a long phone chat with my friend and we shared our current emotional battles and encouraged each other about facing the week ahead with the right perspective. We even set a goal that we’re going to keep each other accountable to. I love that. I have some really quality friendships that without I wouldn’t be able to get to a point of healing and stability. I’m also grateful for the friendships that haven’t had the chance to get to that point but still rock because we make each other laugh until we cry and support each other in everything.

Communication and relationships are the most important things in life. Honestly. They’re richer and more valuable than any habit, job, hobby, anything. Relationships where you can get past the surface commonalities and dig deep into beliefs and thoughts about heavier topics, are the best kind. Where you can be honest about where you stand on certain issues or topics, and share your opinions without being judged. Where you can be genuinely heard, understood, and get great feedback. Where you can have an impact because you trust each other, and you know everything you share–all the advice and encouragement–is going to a good place. It’s been tremendously valuable to me to have people I can talk to for hours about all kinds of things, including the deeper things about life. I’m so grateful for the peace and clarity that comes from night walks, and the comfort and wisdom given and received from deep talks with friends.


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