Gratitober · Journals · Lifestyle

Gratitober: Entry 11

11. I’m grateful for breathtaking skies.

Do you ever stop to think about how often you look down? When you’re walking to work, through the mall, or down the street? We look at our feet when we walk, or down into our phones, and often miss little amazing things happening all around us. It blows my mind how incredibly beautiful the sky is. When I see nature in its raw form like that, it makes me think of how creative God is. For the way He decided not just to make a blue sky, but to give it fluffy clouds, and turn it orange and pink in the evening, and to litter it with tiny white lights that we can only see when it’s really dark at night. Or even when you’re looking out at the water and the sky is dark, steel grey and cloudy. It’s just so surreal to how quickly and drastically it can change. And how the weather bears such power and force. And depending where you are, what city or country, the sky can be even more spectacular because of the reflections of the water or the climate. There are so many things to marvel at in the sky, and I’m grateful I can look up and see its vastness yet feel so grounded.


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