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Gratitober: Entry 13

13. I’m grateful for change.

I was listening to an online sermon today, about how to deal with life when we feel stuck. The lesson talked about the need for us to change our own direction, and not sit around in our situation, waiting and hoping for someone to come along and solve our problems for us. He said, “Hoping that your [circumstances] will change, without you changing, is false hope.” That hit me. I mentioned in a previous blog that I’ve felt stuck because of fear. I’ve also felt stuck because I didn’t know what to do to change my circumstances. I was working on changing my mind and perspective, but I wasn’t doing anything deliberate and active to change my physical situation. Sometimes that’s the extent we have to go to to get unstuck.

Serious addictions, or even the simplest bad habits keep us stuck in situations that aren’t good for our lives now or our futures. These things, while they may feel like freedom at the time, actually enslave us, because they begin to dictate how we think, speak, and act. Whatever you fill your life with is going to affect you whether you choose to deny or accept that. That’s why change is so valuable.

Look at the world around us: All the hatred, racism, discrimination, intolerance, violence, etc. Many people are pointing fingers and creating more divisions to avoid the harder job, which is to change themselves. Each person has to look into their own lives and figure out what lies under the surface, and then we need to change our direction so we can remove those things, and change. We have to take the plank out of our own eye, before we tell someone else about the speck in theirs (Matthew 7:5).

Change is necessary and we can’t go on with out it, and realizing that I’m going to have to do something about my situation, begins the process of creating a better tomorrow. I’m going to have to get up, get my stuff, and walk (John 5: 1-9) in a different direction; do things differently. The way I’ve been handling things wasn’t working, so I need to find a different way. I need change, and I’m grateful to realize that, because now I can start to figure out what that change is, and where I should take my first step.




If you want the lesson, let me know and I will share the link. 🙂


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