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Gratitober: Entry 15

15. I’m grateful for the basic necessities of life.

Last Thursday I went to the movies with my Life Groups to see Mully. I hadn’t heard of his story before, and didn’t know what to expect, but when the documentary-style film started playing I was quickly drawn in. The narrative tells of the events that occur after a six-year-old boy in Kenya is abandoned by his family and left to cope alone on the streets. But instead of this being a simple rags-to-riches tale, Mully’s unexpected rise to wealth and popularity made him question his life and existence, inspiring him to jeopardize his own life and his family’s security to help the orphaned children across his home country. All of the events, challenges, and accomplishments that occur throughout his life are absolutely remarkable beyond words. As a result of his sacrifices for the Kenyan children, he was able to serve over 2,000 kids and give them a better life.

Mully really put me into perspective of what it must be like to live without the abundance I have being in the developed world. Many of us are constantly seeking more than what we have, and it’s not without cause. Even in our “wealth” we struggle to find stability considering the high cost of living. But it still made me consider the fact that I can walk down the street, and get food. Water is readily available and it seems like it could never run out. I have a bed, blankets, a pillow, a laundry machine to keep my clothes clean. I have clothing for all kinds of weather, a sturdy roof over my head, and I have a job. I’ll never fear being abandoned by my family for any reason, and I’ll (Lord willing) probably never have to live on the streets. I have more than the basic necessities of life, and I’m so grateful.

It doesn’t mean I’ve always had it easy–my family moved here from another country when I was little, and there was no job set up or a place to live of our own at first. My mother had to dedicate all of her time to caring for me and my two siblings, and my dad had to take the bus long distances to get to job interviews and even at first when he was working, before he could save for a car. My parents worked so hard, long hours, and gave up the security of having their huge family back home to support them. And all of this makes me enormously grateful. On top of that, the love that my parents have shown me and my siblings–I don’t even think that can be matched. Completely sacrificial and selfless… and they have extended that love to our friends, neighbours, church members, visitors, you name it.

And it inspires me to give the same love and support to my friends who are in a crunch or having a rough time. It inspires me to give back to my parents, after all they’ve given me. It inspires me to not place too much value in the temporal things, because in an instant they can be taken away. But it certainly inspires me to be grateful for what I have, and keeps me humble when I start to think that I need more than what I already have. Thanks mom and dad. ❤


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