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Gratitober: Entry 17

17. I’m grateful for positivity.

Yanno what phrase I really like? “Fake it till you make it.” I love that quote. I’ve been using that for years because when reality slaps you in the face like an inverted umbrella during a windstorm, there’s usually nothing you can do about it. You’re already wet and your umbrella won’t work, so now you’ve got to face the rest of your commute home in soaked clothes. That can either ruin your whole week, or you can fake it. You can tell yourself, “It’s all gravy, baby,” and be positive. In unfavourable situations if I tell myself, “There’s a reason for this season,” or “It’s gonna be okay in the end,” even when the present reality is quite bleak, at least I can face the day with my head up. My day seems brighter when I start to believe the positive thoughts I focus on. And it’s not just in our heads, we can do something about our bummy moods too. I’ll throw on some fun tunes, go for a speed walk to the village, take a really long shower to relax, or flop on my bed and have a snooze! But it starts off with thinking, “Okay, things suck right now, but are you gonna be Eeyore or Christopher Robin?” Deep right? Everyone likes Christopher! He has a wonderful imagination, and even though he’s sometimes a little innocent, he’s also wise. So, positivity goes a long way, even if you have to command it at first. But once you start practicing positive thinking, you’ll make a habit of it. You’ll start to believe it.


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