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Gratitober: Entry 18

18. I’m grateful I don’t need surgery!

As I mentioned in this video, I dislocated my elbow in May and since then I’ve been doing physiotherapy, using two Dynasplint braces, and doing daily stretches and exercises to regain as much range of motion as possible. Some weeks were rough. Really rough. Pain, inability to do the simplest things, and being cooped up in my room, were things that started effecting me mentally and emotionally. It took a lot of effort to keep myself positive and stay hopeful, even when I felt like things weren’t coming along. There were some physiotherapy sessions, after which I would be crying on my way home because I felt so defeated and fed up.

It’s been almost five months now, and this injury can take anywhere from six to nine months to fully recover. BUTT, I’m grateful today, because after seeing the specialist, he gave me the affirmation that I needed. He said that for the five month mark, I’m progressing very well, and that if I keep doing what I’m doing, I may get an even better range of motion than what I’ve already accomplished. He also said that he was surprised with how much extension I’ve got from my elbow–he didn’t expect me to get so much! GO ME + PHYSIO LADY! I’m so happy to hear that I won’t need surgery to resolve this, and that it’s just going to take some more time and effort on my part. So happy about this ^_^. Happy hump day, guys!


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