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Gratitober: Entry 20

20.  I’m grateful for technology.

There are definite ways to abuse technology but considering all it allows us to do, I’m pretty grateful. For example, social media and email lets me stay in touch with my family from back home. My gramma and I can have video calls wherever we are, whenever we want, and give quick hellos every day. Technology also allows me to get inspired by giving me access to Google! I can learn all kinds of things, even from websites like YouTube and Instagram. I’m also grateful for the technology that provides good transportation. Cars, busses, trains, and planes, all allow us to explore new places in a matter of hours, and see all of the beautiful things this world has to offer. Being able to get around is huge for connecting people from all around the world, and helps us to be more open minded, accepting, and appreciative of the qualities that make each of us so unique. There are many reasons why technology can also be a bad thing, especially if we get consumed in it and don’t take time to explore other areas of life, but generally I think tech is intended to make communication and transportation easier. It’s meant to expand our reach and allow us to do things we never could before. I’m grateful for that and I wonder what other advancements I’ll see in my lifetime…


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