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Gratitober: Entry 21

21.  I’m grateful for live music and concerts.

As a child I grew up in a home where the radio, CDs, or music videos on television were always playing. I remember watching family videos of my siblings and I standing on the couch singing along to 90s classics. Music has always been something that connected with me and amplified my life experiences.

In my teens I began to define my own music tastes and get into different subgenres of rock and metal. That led to me going to music concerts! Being an extrovert has made concerts a lot of fun for me. I don’t really get social anxiety, and I love meeting new people so it’s always fun to make eye contact in a mosh pit and headbang along with someone like it’s some kind of handshake. Mosh pits, crowd surfing, and walls of death might seem like crazy things to do, but they’re actually so exhilarating and work as a kind of release. Some people go skydiving, do extreme sports, or get a full makeover–I go to concerts. Crowd surfing is the best! The second last show I went to, my friend and I decided to compete on who could get the most surfs in by the end of the show, and I won with 11! Too much fun! The great thing about metal shows is that you get to experience all kinds of things. You get a rush from being around so many people, you get excited about the loud music and the intensity coming at all of your senses, and you really feel an emotional release of all the stress and tension you’ve been carrying around. It can’t even really be described–you’ve just gotta go. 😛

Shows are probably my one of my top favourite things to do! Loud music, lots of people enjoying themselves, and getting to see some of my favourite bands perform songs that changed my life–it’s awesome. ❤


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