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Gratitober: Entry 24

24. I’m grateful for physiotherapy etc.

I literally just did a plank and I am about to scream / internal cry. Five months ago I had an elbow injury and I honestly thought I was going to be permanently limited. But thanks to months of physiotherapy, exercises, two Dynasplint braces, lots of mehtul \m/ for mental motivation, and endless prayers and persistence, I’m almost there! I didn’t think I’d be able to put my body weight on my arm again, but I have been working really hard at it and now I can do planks again! Aghh!! This means in a couple months I can get back to doing all kinds of training and activities! This is so huge for me lol. Maybe by next spring I’ll even try a cartwheel or two ;). Maybe not… hahahahaha ahhhh I’m happy. Today just turned right side up. PRAISE THE LORDDDD!


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