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Gratitober: Entry 28

28. I’m grateful for all the warm things!

I’m toujours cold. Actually. Unless it’s like 25+ degrees at the end of summer or I’m cocooned in three blankets, I’m cold. Spring, autumn, winter. Even when I wear knit sweaters and scarves and hats and double socks I’m still cold! So when I get the chance to be warm/have warm things I’m so happy. Okay, so hot chocolate, coffee, tea, blankets (heated especially), fuzzy socks, flannel everything, sweaters on sweaters, fireplaces/campfires, and hugs, I love ’em all! I NEEDZ.

I went for a cruise with my friend earlier and we actually saw a snowflake. A single snowflake, and I almost opened the door and duck and rolled into NOPE. Yes, you Canadians, “but we had such a nice summer neahnyeahnyeaahhhhh.” I don’t care, people! Winter is coming and that means Christmas, which is awesome, but it also means cold. And it reminds me of how much I love warm things, ALL THE WARM THINGz. So thank you creators of things that have heat and thank you Chuck Noland for how stoked you were about making fire. Warmth makes me jump around like that too!


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