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Gratitober: Entry 29, 30, 31

It’s the last day of October, and you’re all getting a special last-minute, procrastinated three-part gratitude list! Yaaayyyyy (@ making failures sound epic). This month has been full of SO MUCH reflection. Reflection of self, others, circumstances, past, present, and future. I’ve worked through some old ways of thinking, changed my perspective a couple times, realized that patience is something you develop with time, and was reminded of how extremely valuable the close people in my life are to me. I started the month in Ottawa, and pretty much ended it there, too. Some things came full circle, while others will never be the same again. A lot of good happened, and some really tough things, too, but I’m really happy to share my last three entries…

29. I’m grateful that gratitude can be chosen every day.

It sure can. Regardless of circumstances, or where you are in life, you can still choose to see life through rose-coloured glasses. And to me, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sure, it means you can get hurt and mislead easily. Sure, it means that you have to work extra hard to figure out who you should trust and who you shouldn’t. Sure, it means that you’ll have your party rained on a few times. But you get to carry a little joy with you every single day, because you choose to see the world as a place where dreams can actually come true, and where things can always get better.

30. I’m grateful that God accomplishes what I cannot.

God’s had my back this whole month. There were times I second guessed it but truthfully I know it’s true. He has answered so many of my prayers, sometimes by making me wait, and refusing to let me have things I thought I wanted. He’s opened my eyes and changed my understanding by loading me with wisdom. He’s helped me realize that even if you keep your heart soft, you should still be smart, and that there’s a nice safe balance between the two. He’s brought me new friendships and connections, opportunities to explore and have quality time with dear friends, and keeps loving me through the protective yet encouraging nature of my family. He’s moved me out of one path, and set me onto a different one, accomplishing what I never would’ve been able to do on my own.

31. I’m grateful for October 2017.

This month has been indescribably challenging spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, but I have been tremendously blessed through it. October 2017 was a transition month, and I’m excited to see where God will take me in November, and December, and in 2018. I’m ready.


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