The Game of Prose


“Who wears a unitard to a metal show?” Thrasher Anne quizzed Brain Laundry about his unusual choice of outfit. They were anxiously waiting in line to enter The Opera House, as the most epic death metal line up of bands flashed on the neon sign above the theatre. They made it past the search but no one suspected that underneath his baggy sweater and distressed jeans was, in fact, a bright orange unitard. “Seriously, dude. Why the unitard?” Thrasher Anne would not let anything distract her from finding out why, on that frosty November day, Brain Laundry chose to wear a spandex unitard. “It keeps me toasty,” he said, without a trace of shame upon his bearded face. “Okay dude,” said Thrasher Anne, “Suit yourself. But if you have to tinkle, you’re gonna regret it.”

Suggested by: B. Landry


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