Until We Meet Again

On Monday, September 3, 2018, God took his angel back home. He was so merciful to us. Since she took a turn for the worst I prayed until my chest ached and my eyes were swollen and red, that God would give us just one day to see her again. And He did.

Our family arrived in Trinidad Monday morning, spent the day with gramma at the Vitas House hospice, and had many opportunities to tell her how much we love her, sing, read scriptures, and pray for her.

So much love was poured out to gramma over the last few years while she battled cancer. It was beautiful to see that all the love she gave throughout her life was given back to her.

She went through many difficult times in her life. More difficult times than most of us could even imagine. And yet she never sought revenge, spoke evil about anyone, or wished harm on anyone. She treated everyone with love, respect, and kindness. To the very end, she was a bringer of light, hope, love, and gentleness. She truly has a servant heart and I know she is rejoicing as she is at rest with her first love, the Lord.

Patsy Babooram has always been a truly gentle, selfless spirit, and her example will never be forgotten. We are full of wonderful memories, and I am so blessed to be her granddaughter. She was my best friend, we talked every day even though we were far apart, and during her visits we spent a lot of time together, especially the last few years. As heartbroken as I am that she’s gone home, I still feel her with me through being with our family in Trinidad, looking through old pictures, and thinking about our time spent together.

Over 200 people came to her funeral service today. People who knew her and whose lives we’re touched by her. She was so special and had a huge impact on us.

Gramzy, I miss you more than words could ever say. You were my best friend. You’re my role model and my inspiration, and I hope to be like you someday. I will think about you every day, and I won’t say goodbye, but “until we meet again.” Never forget you. Love you forever.


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