About Me

Hey, I’m Sarah. Thanks for visiting! Here’s where you’ll find stories, blogs, and tips on important & interesting things that mostly relate to people in their 20 and 30 somethings. but there’s something for everyone here. Hope you leave feeling inspired!

Who am I? I’m the girl hanging onto daydreams and youthful hopes for dear life, during a very practical/monotonous stage of adulting. I love traveling back home to Trinidad to visit family, watching all kinds of movies, drinking coffee against my doctor’s wishes, taking tons of pictures, and dancing in circle pits at Toronto metal shows. When I’m not working at my 7-3 job, I like to drive and jam out to heavy tunes, work out whenever I feel like it, and hang out with my Church fam. I love Jesus, food makes me euphoric, and I’m a hugger that doesn’t care if you’re not. I want to travel, read more books, discover life-changing music and art, and be a better listener. I want to meet people at their rock bottom and help them climb their way out. I want to make my entire life about Jesus.

Hope you enjoy the stories you read here & I hope they bring you inspiration, hope, and comfort. Visit any of my social networking channels, or peep my writing at the links below. Thanks again for stopping by!


Trend Hunter
HM Magazine Blog
Tribute Magazine
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Demo Reels

  • Entertainment Host (Journalism New Media Live@5)

  • Reporter (Filmed, edited, and reported.)

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