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Moving On After A Bad Breakup

As soon as you read the headline you were probably already thinking about that time when you had your worst breakup. Or maybe you’re thinking of a horrible story your best friend told you about their ugly end to a long relationship. It’s taken me almost two years to write this and to be honest… Continue reading Moving On After A Bad Breakup

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5 Practical Steps to Get Over a Cheater

A statistic published by eHarmony stated about 50% of men and 39% of women cheat in relationships. That’s a huge percentage! The continuous and fast-paced growth of human interaction with the digital world has made cheating more common and easier to do. Obsessing over Facebook photos, sending nude photos over data messaging, and private Instagram messaging are just a… Continue reading 5 Practical Steps to Get Over a Cheater

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Love Doesn’t Actually Hurt Though

People say love hurts and love is pain but I don’t believe that’s true. Love is the unshakable, unmovable, unstoppable force that drives people to do good, to make sacrifices for the betterment of others and to overcome the most earth-shaking tragedies. The reason for this hurt and pain is not love, it’s reality. Life,… Continue reading Love Doesn’t Actually Hurt Though

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“Get Off Your Phone!”

The other day I was hanging out with my boyfriend watching Stargate… actually, he was watching Stargate… I was scrolling through my phone. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but he took my phone out of my hands and overhanded it across the room! Then, holding both my hands together in his, he looked me in… Continue reading “Get Off Your Phone!”

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Should I Stay or Should I Go: Making Good Decisions about Relationships

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in situations like unhealthy relationships, and we cannot see the dangers of staying even though everyone around us can. When your parents have a bad gut feeling, or your friends dislike your partner, there’s often a good reason why. I have experienced and heard several stories of situations like this.… Continue reading Should I Stay or Should I Go: Making Good Decisions about Relationships