God’s Timing

Here are some observations I’ve recently made in my life. During my life as a Christian, the term, “Trust God’s timing,” has always been sound advice given to me. It makes sense, I mean, obviously the Creator of the universe should know when things should begin or end for us, better than we could with… Continue reading God’s Timing

The Game of Prose


When the sunset breaks through the line between sky and sea, it creates a perfect symmetry. Although it felt as if the whole world changed, it didn’t. It was me. Found; I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

The Game of Prose


Loneliness is within her. Wherever she goes, it follows. She lays in bed too long on Saturday morning. She gets ready and steps outside,  breathing in the icy air, watching the bright sun blind the city. She warms her insides with the city’s best coffee, and spends the last of her “leisure” cash on a syrupy… Continue reading “Church”

The Game of Prose


His fingertips are lightning bolts; reaching out for impact. Each flash of light is contact and it shakes the planet. His voice echoes for miles and if it weren’t for the trees, we’d all be wiped out. But these electric bolts aren’t limited to destruction. They cut hearts to change them, and burn bad habits… Continue reading “Loved”

The Game of Prose


The music’s loud and it’s exactly what she needs. The soundwaves mute the pounding of her heart in her throat and the crowd makes her comfortably numb. Before the breakdown there’s a melody and it replaces all the fear with supernatural power. The louder, the better and she’s realizing what a mess she was before… Continue reading “Souvenirs”

The Game of Prose


The truth is, there are some things you never fully get over. Experiences, both pleasant and tragic, that have shaped you into the person you are today. Some things may always sting you when you remember, but you have to figure out how to live with it… knowing that those places, or that language, or… Continue reading “Nociceptors”

The Game of Prose

“This One Thing I Know…”

Pursuit and apathy have started to blend I’ve never seen a beginning look so much like an end This one thing I know: It’s not in them that I’ll find it It’s a shame for this long I’ve been so misguided Suggested by: C. Dos Santos