The truth is, there are some things you never fully get over. Experiences, both pleasant and tragic, that have shaped you into the person you are today. Some things may always sting you when you remember, but you have to figure out how to live with it… knowing that those places, or that language, or those smells are a painful part of your incredible history. Memories and fears might reopen wounds, but those wounds will heal as they did before. Like the good times, the bad ones mold you, too. It hurts to feel them drift in, but like tides, they will wash back out again, and float far away into the archives of your mind. The past will never be forgotten, but if you let yourself, you can feel, explore, live, and connect again. The shorelines where dreadful castles once held you captive, have since been wiped out by new waves. New experiences will be your sanctuary. Trust in the One who makes all things new. And you will be led to new places, people, and opportunities, that will carve a new image from you, and those archives will get buried deeper underneath, disconnected from the nociceptors. “A man left to himself will deteriorate,” so don’t run when love comes rushing in. Stand your ground, face your fears, and like a tree with deep roots, brace for impact.